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Patient Information 

This Is Our Philosophy

Your parents were most likely not dentists. Your elementary school teachers never taught you about teeth and how to take care of them. You are trying your best, but yet somehow  problems still arise. This is where the Moose Lake Dental team comes in.

We will listen to your main concerns, thoroughly find the problem, and together we will find a solution to achieve your goals. 

By understanding simple tooth anatomy and understanding the army of bacteria that grows in your mouth, we can prevent the two major problems: CAVITIES and GUM DISEASE

So don't worry about the past. Let us take care of any current tooth or gum problems. What you will learn from us will place you on a new pathway of prevention. This means the least amount of dentistry in your lifetime.

for your comfort

We have many patient amenities to make your dental experiences enjoyable and comfortable. Find the comforts of home, from flat screen TVs, pillows , blankets and complimentary beverages. You may be surprised to see coffee, tea, hot chocolate and bottled water available in our lobby along with a courtesy internet bar. 

Your children will love our "Kids Campground" area.Here they can sit back around the simulated fire pit and enjoy a movie or a good book.

missed appointment policy

Have you ever been stood up on a date? How did you feel?

Not a great feeling when the person doesn't show up. 

Verbal Phone Cancellations are requested within 2 business days. Please call our office

Last Minute Cancellations unfortunately common in today's world.

They cause a ripple effect: 

1. "No Show" patient is not able to get proper treatment and condition may worsen.
2. Valuable time is wasted by Moose Lake Dental team in preparing for the visit . 
3. Another patient in severe pain could have been seen in that time slot.

1st Missed Appointment: The patient will receive a phone call and follow up letter informing them they missed their appointment and chart will be flagged. The family will be informed that another missed appointment, will result in account being PREPAY ONLY

2nd Missed Appointment: Patient will receive a letter informing them that they have now missed two appointments without sufficient notice and will need to PREPAY for all future appointments.

3rd Missed Appointment: Dismissal from office


 Account status automatically becomes PREPAY for all future appointments and/or dismissal from office

Please plan ahead -  phone alerts, fridge calendar, post-it note, reliable partner.

Your appointment time is a special VIP reservation for your oral health.

Please be considerate of all those who may be impacted.

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