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Story of Dr. Radovan Rudik- Moose Lake Dental-Dentist Guelph

Hi Im Dr. Rudik, and I welcome you to Moose Lake Dental, a place where dentistry is performed with passion and enjoyed in a cozy Muskoka cottage-like atmosphere.


The concept originated two decades ago, when overhearing a common complaint of “I hate going to the dentist”. I agree that typical medical and dental experiences are subpar. Old waiting room furniture, funky medical disinfectant smells, bare hallways and white-walled treatment rooms. Doctors are in a rush barely making conversation or let alone eye contact. The cookie cutter floor plans of these clinics create a bottleneck effect at the reception area, herding patients like sheep, thus allowing everyone around you to know your private medical and financial information. The phrase, “I hate going to the dentist” inspired me and continues to inspire me to search for solutions.


At Moose Lake Dental, you will see the attention to details as soon as you enter the main doors. Custom carved door handles welcome you as you enter the reception area. You will be greeted by a friendly smile as you take on the sights of a vaulted cottage ceiling and a beautiful fireplace with three televisions. You may be surprised to see an assortment of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and bottled water available along with a courtesy internet bar. Your children will love our "Kid’s Campground" area. Here they can sit back around the simulated fire pit while they enjoy a movie or a good book inside the teepee.


Each treatment room will have the capability for light temperature adjustment. Majority of the rooms were designed to have indirect lighting, so when laying back you will never have the discomfort of directly viewing a light source. Two additional wall mounted televisions in every treatment room are intended for dental and oral health education.


Noisy mechanical or lab equipment was strategically placed in “L” shaped rooms to reduce their noise transmission. Special noise dampening insulation was placed in every single wall throughout the clinic. The hallway carpet runner, not only stylish, but primarily intended to absorb and reduce excess noise scatter.


It was extremely important for me to add two private consultation rooms and a private corridor with privacy barriers for patients checking out. I wanted to create a floor plan and atmosphere that not only was efficient for work flow but also satisfied all of our senses. I believe I have succeeded in such a design and I am very excited in the opportunity to give you a tour.


The most frequently asked question now is, “Why did you name it Moose Lake Dental? Are you from Moose Lake?”


I was born in Slovakia and became a Canadian citizen in my early childhood. I have fond memories of camping in Algonquin Park. I still vividly recall my father pulling the car over along with many other cars to observe my first majestic Ontario moose. That moment of tranquility has been engrained in my memory, and even though I was too young to either remember or notice the exact name of that body of water where the moose was feeding, I will always consider it as my Moose Lake. I believe many people have their own version of Moose Lake.


With an emphasis on connecting, building relationships and sharing our passion we strive to create a positive and memorable experience for everyone who walks through the door.  Creating those moments allow patients to leave with a smile on their face and a new found excitement for their oral health.


Again, thank you for the opportunity to share my passions and dreams. I consider it an immense privilege to serve you, your family and our community to the best of my ability.




Dr. Radovan Rudik
Moose Lake Dental

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